Carrier CCN Gateway

CCN is Abbr. of Carrier Comfort Network, A proprietary communicating protocol used by Carrier Corp. Almost every chillers Carrier sell today have CCN builtin.

If BAS system need to acces running data of Carrier chillers, they need a gateway. Carrier have some models, for example: 33cntran485; sim; ivu, but all expensive and hard to configure.

Our CCN Gateway is aim to map Carrier CCN protocol to Modbus/BACnet, it have some advantages:

  • Web UI, easy to configure.
  • Map up to 16 CCN devices.
  • No total map point limit.
  • Could map every points in STATUS tables.
  • User defined data update interval.

CCN Gateway is proven in field compatible to Carrier 19XL/XR/XRV 30RA/RB/RQ/HXC 30XA/XW/XQ 23XL 16DJ/DN/DE  serial chillers. We have hundreds projects running with thousands of chillers steadily for years.

CCN Gateway appearance1CCN Gateway appearance2

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