Carrier CCN Gateway

CCN is Abbr. of Carrier Comfort Network, A proprietary communicating protocol used by Carrier Corp. Almost every chillers Carrier sell today have CCN builtin. If BAS system need to acces running data of Carrier chillers, they need a gateway. Carrier have some models, for example: 33cntran485; sim; ivu, but all expensive and hard to configure.

Our CCN Gateway is aim to map Carrier CCN protocol to Modbus/BACnet, it have some advantages:

  • Web UI, easy to configure.
  • Map up to 16 CCN devices.
  • No total map point limit.
  • Could map every points in STATUS/MAINTENANCE/SETPOINT tables.
  • User defined data update interval.

CCN Gateway is proven in field compatible to Carrier 19XL/XR/XRV 30RA/RB/RQ/HXC 30XA/XW/XQ 23XL 16DJ/DN/DE  serial chillers. We release version 1.0 on 2010, and upgrade to 1.2 on 2014, now we present more powerful version 2.0, We have hundreds projects running with thousands of chillers steadily for years.

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