BACnet Modbus Gateway

BACnet Modbus gateway is built in BACRouter. It maps data in Modbus slaves into BACnet objects inside BACRouter. The features of gateway functionality includes:

  • Supports TCP/RTU/ASCII slave devices.
  • RS485 ports could work as BACnet MS/TP or Modbus master.
  • Two mapping modes are select-able by user: Virtual BACnet Device Mode and Single BACnet Device Mode.
  • One physical slave device could be mapped to multiple logic slave devices.
  • Different baudrate (1200~115200), parity (Even, Odd, None), RTU/ASCII mode slaves could co-exist on same RS485 bus.
  • Due to real-time system, more slave devices are tolerated on RS485 bus without dropping performance.
  • Supports up to 100 masters, 100 slaves and 1000 points.
  • Supports AI/AO/AV/BI/BO/BV/MI/MO/MV BACnet object types.
  • Allows up to 2048 COV subscriptions. Network storm caused by slave device’s online/offline could be avoided by limiting COV notification.
  • Convenient WebUI functions to deal with batch of mappings.
  • Online test/verify saves time of debug.
  • Configured by WebUI, no additional software is needed.


Implementation Detail

PICS of Gateway

PICS of Virtual Device


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