CCN Gateway changelog

2.9 2017.5.30

Add Compatibility to a strange 30RQ chiller.

Remove feature introduced by 2.2 (Release forced point when initialization).

2.8 2016.10.26

Buffer overflow while convert Unicode string to utf8.

2.7 2016.10.3

WebUI use basic authorization method.

WebUI table index overflow (Thanks to Nitin)

2.6 2016.9.13

WebUi show Ethernet address.

2.5 2016.9.13

Discard character out of 0-9, a-z, A-Z in string.

2.4 2016.8.26

Selectable 0.001,0.01,0.1,10,100,1000 multiply mapping

BACnet version merge bugfixs from BACnet Router firmware.

2.3 2016.8.16

Low level api changed, prepare for future product

Bug introduced in 2.1 is fixed: continuous error after communication fail.

2.2 2016.8.12

When initialize device, if point is forced by high priority, release it.

2.1  2016.8.10

Firmware filename has version and crc.

Show version on left tree menu.

Auto refresh page after reboot or firmware upgrade .

Other ui bugfixs.